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 (ăl-bûr′tə) Abbr. AB or Alba. or Alta.
A province of western Canada between British Columbia and Saskatchewan. It was admitted as a province in 1905. Wheat farming and cattle ranching were the basis of the province's economy until the discovery of oil and natural gas in the early 1960s. Edmonton is the capital and Calgary the largest city.

Al·ber′tan adj. & n.
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(Placename) of or relating to Alberta or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Alberta
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Geo Takach discusses the existence of the Canadian redneck, who have much more in common with their American cousins than what many people think of when they think of an Albertan. Analyzing these individuals and their place in Albertan society their stance in politics, and the constant clash with those around them.
In April, 1913, the Calgary Albertan carried a front-page story alleging that local stores were hiring under-age girls as clerks and requiring them to work long hours under difficult conditions.
Because Bob believed Athabasca to be a selection from the wild, he called the result of this cross an all-Albertan-bred-wild-rose, or 'Albertan' for short.
As long as market prices continue to exceed the oil sands' production costs per barrel--and costs are likely to fall still further--their full exploration is sufficient to underpin a red-hot Albertan economy for the next 25 to 50 years.
For a moment I felt Albertan. I cast my eyes around the limitless horizon, looking for a pronghorn.
Lily Sutton (Susan Wooldridge) is the upper--middle--class English woman who finds herself stranded in the middle of an isolated Albertan town with three young children and an emotionally unavailable husband.
Every Albertan is involved, and the vast majority of Albertans agree with the plan.
If you have a favourite Albertan, that person is probably included here.
* Brand results--the tag line "There's a horse for everyone" is gaining increased awareness among the Albertan population, rising from 21 percent prompted recall pre-campaign to 35 percent in May 2004.