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(French albi)
(Placename) a town in S France: connected with the Albigensian heresy and the crusade against it. Pop: 46 274 (1999)



a city in S France: center of the Albigenses. 49,456.
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George, 20, has a keen passion for cycling and has already had an excellent start to his athletic career, including a win in the Welsh Elite Time Trial Championships and a fifth place in the Amateur World Time Trial Championships in Albi, France.
Demokritos Papadavid, 36, will compete in the upcoming Ironman in Tenesse, USA whilst Pampos Christodoulou (Rikkos), 37, will compete in the Gran Fondo world cycling championship in Albi, France this month.
He also captured footage of hyenas in Harar, Ethiopia, and pigeon-eating catfish in Albi, France, for the show, which completed shoots in 40 countries.