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a disease of the eye in which a white opacity forms on the cornea
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Noun1.Albugo - type genus of the Albuginaceae; fungi causing white rusts
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Albuginaceae, family Albuginaceae - fungi that produce white sori resembling blisters on certain flowering plants
white rust - fungus causing a disease characterized by a white powdery mass of conidia
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First Report of White Rust of Gerbera Caused by Albugo tragopogonis in North America.
Inheritance of resistance in inter and intraspecific crosses of Brassica juncea and Brassica carinata to Albugo candida and Erysiphe cruciferarum.
Induction, purification and characterization of [beta]-1,3-glucanas from Brassica juncea L infected with Albugo candida.
Font Quer (2003) hace referencia a distintos autores que recomendaban el uso de estos fructiculos para aclarar la vision y limpiar los ojos de "flequillos, argemas y musaranas" y quitar "el granizo y albugo de los ojos".