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Noun1.record sleeve - a sleeve for storing a phonograph recordrecord sleeve - a sleeve for storing a phonograph record
sleeve - small case into which an object fits
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Tim O'Brien, Chris Thile and Abigail Washburn - all top-class players themselves and not, one imagines, easily impressed - featured on the record and wrote generous testimony to the young Jarosz's talent in the album liner notes.
In the album liner notes Metheny heralds Weber as "the personification of an individual who had a visionary sense of what music could be, totally of his own design."--JOHN MALKIN
In addition to releasing two solo albums (2008 and Days of Rain 2014), he has had his name appear on many album liner notes (Big Sugar, The Trews, Meredith Shaw, CCMA award winner Shane Chisholm and rising country star Tim Chaisson).
By pulling from all corners of the dingy basement club that is "punk rock literature," this edited collection does an excellent job of bridging academic writing and zine rants, album liner notes with mainstream media reports, all of which touch on issues of race and racism in what has been a largely white-dominated music scene.