n.1.(Zool.) The bleak, a small European fish having scales of a peculiarly silvery color which are used in making artificial pearls.
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a) William James Center for Research (WJCR), ISPA--Instituto Universitario, Lisboa, Portugal, (b) Instituto Universitario de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Cis-IUL, Lisboa, Portugal & (c) Auburn University, Alburn, AL, USA
Berg, Norbert van den and Steven Wachlin 2005 Het alBurn van Mientje.
The Midnight Court idea grew after Hess picked up a book about Irish epics from a bookshop on a family visit to Cork, Ines after he picked up a Fado alburn from the remainder bin at Sam the Record Man in Toronto.
Small shop, personal service, outstandingly talented and knowledgeable people," raved Cary Alburn of his dealings with Aircraft Cylinders and Engines, in Greeley, Colorado.
PATRICE BOEKE AND TOM ALBURN both had long been single until fate intervened in the form of Mote's founding director, Dr.
In addition to the recently launched Ruby portfolio Savills, acting as LPA receivers over the Alburn Real Estate Capital CMBS (REC 6) security portfolio, has also brought to the market a number of individual sales.
Summary: Moody's Investors Service has today downgraded the Class A Notes issued by Alburn Real Estate Capital Ltd
Kevin Gibbins, 33, of Alburn Road, Coventry, was convicted of stealing scaffolding poles worth pounds 100.
Response to Viscum alburn therapy can be assessed after 1 year, however complete cure develops over a long time in many cases.
We'd be recording a vocal take and he'd say something like "Damon was like that too" and you'd know he was talking about Damon Alburn from Blur.
It wasn't far from The Grey Alburn to all those emailed Photoshop images of Barack Obama melded with Osama bin Laden.
Solid NYC Latin jazz is what percussionist Wilson "Chembo" Corniel delivers on his fourth alburn as a leader.
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