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A rocky island of northern California in San Francisco Bay. It was a military prison from 1859 to 1933 and a federal prison until 1963. It is now a tourist attraction. The island has long been known as "the Rock."


(Placename) an island in W California, in San Francisco Bay: a federal prison until 1963


(ˈæl kəˌtræz)

an island in San Francisco Bay: site of a U.S. penitentiary 1933–63.
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We also learned from him that the military prisoners had been released from Alcatraz Island because they could no longer be fed.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The longest America's Cup in history will come down to two 72-foot, space-age catamarans making a final, dramatic sprint around San Francisco Bay, on a five-leg course framed by the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nearly two dozen people who were enjoying a bachelor party on what's billed as San Francisco Bay's only "floating wine tasting room" were safe after their boat hit a shoal near Alcatraz Island and began sinking Friday night, officials said.
Clint Eastwood excels as a cunning convict who attempts to break out of the notorious high-security prison on Alcatraz Island, a feat previously thought impossible.
NMrs Baker on Alcatraz Island, ring (0901) 564 3176.
1963: Alcatraz, America's most famous prison, closed its doors: Alcatraz Island received its name in 1775 when Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala charted the San Francisco Bay.
The city overlooks the notorious Alcatraz Island, location for what was once America's most feared prison.
Who wins: Whoever gets to the final destination - San Francisco's Alcatraz Island - with appropriate photo documentation of each task.
The company operates two ferry service concessions for the National Park Service - Alcatraz Cruises provides transportation to Alcatraz Island and Statue Cruises provides transportation to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
9 million people visited the famous City on the Bay , as San Francisco is often described, with popular attractions including the breath-taking Golden Gate Bridge, the Fisherman s Wharf marketplace, the abandoned prison on Alcatraz Island, and the large-scale shopping, theatre and restaurant haven of Union Square.
On this date in 1934, the first federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz Island, a former military prison, in San Francisco Bay.
Thanks to Mrs M Barker, pictured, from Ashington, for this pic taken on the famous Alcatraz island.