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Noun1.Alcea - genus of erect herbs of the Middle East having showy flowers: hollyhocksAlcea - genus of erect herbs of the Middle East having showy flowers: hollyhocks; in some classification systems synonymous with genus Althaea
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Malvaceae, mallow family, Malvaceae - herbs and shrubs and some trees: mallows; cotton; okra
hollyhock - any of various tall plants of the genus Alcea; native to the Middle East but widely naturalized and cultivated for its very large variously colored flowers
Alcea rosea, Althea rosea, rose mallow - plant with terminal racemes of showy white to pink or purple flowers; the English cottage garden hollyhock
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icipo-pere Depurativo Misiones (CMI) sanguineo, diuretico y purgante Heimia romero de Antiseptico Anejas-Norte saliafolia castilla (CCS) (Kunth) Link MALVACEAE Alcea rosea L.
Puccinia hordei Poaceae (indeterminada) Puccinia kuehnii Saccharum cultivar CP80-1743 Puccinia malvacearum Alcea (Estado telial) Puccinia melanocephala Saccharum cultivar CP05-1592 Puccinia menthae Cunila origanoides Puccinia physalidis Physalis lancelata Puccinia poarum Tussilago (Asteraceae) Puccinia podophylli Podophyllum peltatum Puccinia smilacis Smilax rotundifolia Puccinia violae Viola cucullata Pucciniastrum circaeae Pucciniosira pallidula Triumfetta semitriloba Ravenelia echinata Calliandra formosa var.
BLOOMING LATE: Phloxes, above, need moist soil while Michaelmas daisies (asters), left, and perennial sunflowers, above right, provide late flowers SUN-LOVERS: Hollyhocks (alcea), left, look great on its own or in mixed borders.
fresh or dried MALVACEAE Alcea rosea Malva Blanca, Whole plant Oral (L.) Cavanilles Malva Morada except Stems, fresh Malva Malva Rosa, Leaves, fresh 1.
Hollyhock or alcea rosea is stated to be an emollient and laxative which has a soothing effect on inflamed mucous membranes lining the airways.
barbata [II.sup.+1-+2] Alcea pallida [I.sup.+1] [I.sup.+2] Rhamnus oleoides subsp.
It is a toxic plantAueven deer donAAEt eat it.Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) are plants you would expect to see in old-fashioned gardens.
The authors describe seed gathering: "Some seeds such as those of morning glories (Ipomoea) and hollyhocks (Alcea)...
A very good rust resisting hollyhock (Alcea filicifolia) is 'Antwerp Mixed'.
Warm Geranium Pelargonium hortorum Warm (Pelargonium) Globe amaranth Gomphrena globosa Warm Gypsophila Gypsophila elegans Warm Heliotrope Heliotrope arborescens Warm Hollyhock Alcea rosea Warm Impatiens Impatiens wallerana Warm Impatiens, New Impatiens hawkeri Warm Guinea Lobelia Lobelia erinus Cool Marigold Tagetes spp.