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Noun1.Alces - elk or mooseAlces - elk or moose        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cervidae, family Cervidae - deer: reindeer; moose or elks; muntjacs; roe deer
Alces alces, elk, European elk, moose - large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male; called `elk' in Europe and `moose' in North America
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The fusion of Sardina FishOS and Alces Flight gives customers the possibility to take their data center to the next level, easily embrace a highly efficient and flexible cloud operation, by raising server utilization and reducing energy consumption.
Moose Alces alces habitat use at multiple temporal scales in a human-altered landscape.
Key words: Alces alces, climate, body condition, Elaphostrongylus alces, intermediate host, gastropods, moose, prepatent period, protostrongylidae, Sweden
Menos alces significaban el turno para los abetos de repoblar la isla permitiendo, a su vez, que los alces volvieran a abundar.
In addition to projecting indicator outcomes of different land-use trajectories, ALCES designers make explicit their intention to extend participation in land-use planning beyond the modellers, to a wide array of stakeholders including land users and regional policy makers.
Les activites de peche commerciale aux crustaces et aux mollusques au large de la cote du New Jersey ont donne lieu a la decouverte d'une vertebre cervicale unique, qui appartiendrait vraisemblablement a une espece d'elan depuis longtemps disparue, Alces scotti.
Dynamics of moose Alces alces populations near Rochester Alberta Canada 1975-1978.
Habitat deterioration and the migratory behaviour of moose (Alces alces L.
Key words: Alces alces, arctic, Brooks Range, maternal status, moose, synoptic modeling, winter severity
In Fennoscandia, the abundance of moose Alces alces has been growing during the last 50 years, leading moose to become the most important wildlife resource (Lavsund et al.
Key Words: Alces alces, bedding, bed site, behavior, moose, temperature, thermoregulation