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n. Greek Mythology
Amphitryon's wife, who gave birth to Hercules after being seduced by Zeus.
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(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the mother of Hercules by Zeus who visited her in the guise of her husband, Amphitryon
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(ælkˈmi ni)

(in Greek myth) the mother of Hercules by Zeus, who had assumed the form of her husband, Amphitryon.
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We never yet heard of such a woman; we know all about Tyro, Alcmena, Mycene, and the famous women of old, but they were nothing to your mother any one of them.
Diana and Venus, no doubt, abused the beautiful Alcmena and poor Io, when they condescended, for distraction's sake, to speak, amidst nectar and ambrosia, of mortal beauties, at the table of Jupiter.
At the close of the "Shield" Heracles goes on to Trachis to the house of Ceyx, and this warning suggests that the "Marriage of Ceyx" may have come immediately after the `Or such as was' of Alcmena in the "Eoiae": possibly Halcyone, the wife of Ceyx, was one of the heroines sung in the poem, and the original section was `developed' into the "Marriage", although what form the poem took is unknown.
Then there was the daughter of Phoenix, who bore me Minos and Rhadamanthus: there was Semele, and Alcmena in Thebes by whom I begot my lion-hearted son Hercules, while Semele became mother to Bacchus the comforter of mankind.
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THE Marian interlude Jack Juggler (c.1553) is based on Plautus's Amphitryon, in which Jupiter disguises himself as the master of the house and, while he enjoys conjugal relations with Alcmena, posts Mercury on the door in the person of Sosia, Amphitryon's servant.
Para el caso de Heracles o Hercules (hijo de Zeus y Alcmena) existen varios episodios relacionados con sustancias venenosas: cuando era bebe, Hera (la celosa esposa de Zeus) intento matarlo usando dos serpientes mientras el dormia en su cuna, pero Heracles la estrangulo con sus propias manos.