Alcoholics Anonymous

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Alcoholics Anonymous

an association of alcoholics who try, esp by mutual assistance, to overcome alcoholism

Alcohol′ics Anon′ymous

an international fellowship of alcoholics whose purpose is to stay sober and help others recover from alcoholism. Abbr.: AA
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Noun1.Alcoholics Anonymous - an international organization that provides a support group for persons trying to overcome alcoholismAlcoholics Anonymous - an international organization that provides a support group for persons trying to overcome alcoholism
NGO, nongovernmental organization - an organization that is not part of the local or state or federal government
Alcohòlics Anònims
Anonimni Alkoholičari
Alcolisti Anonimi
Anonyme Alkoholikere
Alcoólicos Anónimos
Anonim Alkolikler

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

n Alcohólicos Anónimos (AA)
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Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior," have called the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous the most beneficial self-improvement program in history.
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) began rather accidentally in 1935, when one self-proclaimed alcoholic, Bill Wilson, found relief in talking to another alcoholic (Kurtz, 1979).
In his book, The Life And Loves Of A He Devil he wrote: "I have actually been to a few meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous thanks to my friend Carrie Fisher, she of Princess Leia fame.
Her problems with addiction are well documented and she persuaded me to accompany her to a session of Alcoholics Anonymous in Los Angeles.
It is our hope, as non-alcoholic trustees of AA Great Britain, that this letter will change the perception of Alcoholics Anonymous and dispel various myths and prejudices about AA.
The sample was then divided into AA membership status using the following question from the Alcoholics Anonymous Involvement scale (AAI; Tonigan, Connors & Miller 1996): "Do you consider yourself to be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous?
Lena wallows for much of her life in alcohol addiction in an eleven-year marriage of convenience with changing houses and changing hairstyles and an employment record of fourteen jobs in one year before she connects with Alcoholics Anonymous an understanding counsellor a college education and eventually a career in social work.
DRUNKEN burglar Richard Davies, 38, left a probation document and Alcoholics Anonymous literature in a bag containing his abandoned swag.
The Lead: Daily Inspirations in Search of Peace and Serenity" is one's unedited account of their quest to rid themselves of that poison for good and how the twelve steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous saved his life.
Alcoholics Anonymous steps up meetings around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, as the holidays often cause "triggers" to drink, said Jerry Gjesvold, manager of employer services at Serenity Lane in Albany.
The support I have been able to give him does not seem to have been effective, and I wonder if Alcoholics Anonymous might be useful, but know little of what is involved.
I recently saw a copy of this article and was able to read the story of the beginnings of Alcoholics Anonymous.