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n.1.The act of reducing a substance to a fine or impalpable powder.
2.The act rectifying spirit.
3.Saturation with alcohol; putting the animal system under the influence of alcoholic liquor.
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surgical resection (Grooters et al., 1994), percutaneous drainage (Haritha et al., 2016) and percutaneous drainage with alcoholization (Zatelli et al., 2005; Julie et al., 2016).
As for the fight against alcoholization of the population, the head of the district administration called on the heads of rural settlements to take control of alcohol abusers.
The effects of acetaldehyde in vitro on proteasome activities and its potential involvement after alcoholization of rats by inhalation of ethanol vapours.
[Chemical neurolysis using alcohol (alcoholization) in the treatment of spasticity in the hemiplegic].
improvement of the way of life of the population, and, primarily, reduction of the alcoholization level;