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n. pl.1.(Zool.) The kingfishers.
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whose stars are these: -- `Lovely Teygata, and dark-faced Electra, and Alcyone, and bright Asterope, and Celaeno, and Maia, and Merope, whom glorious Atlas begot....'
He it was who took his bow and faced King Apollo himself for fair Marpessa's sake; her father and mother then named her Alcyone, because her mother had mourned with the plaintive strains of the halcyon-bird when Phoebus Apollo had carried her off.
The main purpose of this note is to suggest that the figure of Morpheus in Ovid's tale of Ceyx and Alcyone (Metamorphoses, Book XI) is among the `source-concepts'(1) that contributed to the character of Ariel in The Tempest, and that this is related to what I believe to be Marlowe's use of the same tale in his Hero and Leander.(2)