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or ald.,

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SoLayTec has reportedly booked a total of 25 ALD system orders since its inception, of which 15 will be used in mass production.
For this purpose, a fully equipped ALD process, including a thermal and plasma-activated ALD, should be integrated into a cluster tool.
The most serious form of ALD typically strikes boys between ages 4 and 10.
The Veeco CNT Fiji G2 ALD system will be a critical tool to meet our research goals," said Bongmook Lee, Ph.
The issue of the Consideration Shares in connection to the ALD acquisition has hence been completed.
Picosun Oy said it has launche ALD equipment for production of high efficiency 3D-integrated trench capacitors.
They were backed by several other non-profits, medical institutions, doctors, researchers, and ALD specialists throughout the country.
24) Also, the winding tests causing mechanical stresses for the ALD coating were performed at the same line.
There are many applications for the thin films created using CVD and ALD methods.
Mazda Motors UK, a subsidiary of Mazda Motor Corporation (TYO: 7267), has collaborated with ALD Automotive.