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A cytokine that is released by T cells in response to an antigen and regulates the proliferation and differentiation of natural killer cells, B cells, and other T cells. It has been used experimentally to treat cancer.
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Like monoclonal antibodies, non-specific immunotherapies or cytokine therapy such as interferons - interferon alpha (Roferon-A [2a], Intron A [2b], Alferon [2a]) and interleukins - interleukin-2, IL-2, or aldesleukin (Proleukin) also help the immune system destroy cancer cells.
Patients received lymphocyte-depleting chemotherapy before ACT and aldesleukin chemotherapy injection after ACT.
Literaturde bunlardan baska NERDS sendromu ve Clarkson sendromu, ayrica aldesleukin (rekombinant IL-2) ve IFN-[alpha] gibi eksogen sitokin kullanimi ile iliskili AE tablolari da bildirilmistir (52).