adv. & a.1.In a leaking condition.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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ALEAK at a village social club in the Midlands baffled all the hi-tech gadgetry of a giant water company.
1- Doctor El Gloob 2- Ama Alwan 3- Arefni Ala Nafsak 4- Shaketak 5- La Tatezer 6- Jebrni El Waqt 7- Ana Amsek 8- Kesh Malek 9- Demaeti 10- Helm Wardi 11- Garimah 12- Habeebi A Al Warag 13- Taabt14- Ejrah15- Al Touba 16- Gmari 17- Adee Aleak 18- Al Dunia 19- Al Messafer 20- Namet Oyounek
That same month, he offered to fix aleak at 78-year-old Mary Marshall's home in Cambuslang, near Glasgow, for pounds 20.
AB auras / burbs AD Aira / dird AF Aiae (HI) / fife AH taiga / thigh AK sauna / skunk AN aevis / Nevin (CA, KY) AP area / prep AU zamboorak / zumbooruk AY coala / coyly AC aleak / cleck AE anticar / enticer AG aurae/gurge AI quacksalver / quicksilver AM toatoa / tom-tom AO abelian / obelion AR Aotea / roter AW Aoa (AS) / wow
The machine guides and transports products from both clamp stations to the one finishing station, thereby requiring one unit of downstream equipment, such as aleak tester and wide-neck cutter, is needed per machine.
Aleak from the All-Wales Convention - set up to gauge support for a referendum - last week prompted a swell of momentum for the poll, but that has now been dampened.
Delia raved `Levon!'") when they do not occur at the end of a clause; and aleak, drawly and Illinoisan are in Web3, as is sleeker as a noun.
Aleaked report has revealed Aberdeen University had no procedures in place to deal with a student occupation which ended in violence - despite facing similar issues in the past.
class="css-1xl4flh e2kc3sl0On Thursday, a pro-government Turkish newspaper published aleaked, time-stamped photographof Mr.
Aleaked picture of Keita apparently holding a Liverpool shirtsurfaced on social media earlier on Saturday, fuelling speculation he could be on his way to Merseyside.
Aleaked letter has revealed the major issues that remain to be resolved before Wales' ambitious plans to improve the rail network can become a reality.