adv. & a.1.In a leaking condition.
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ALEAK at a village social club in the Midlands baffled all the hi-tech gadgetry of a giant water company.
1- Doctor El Gloob 2- Ama Alwan 3- Arefni Ala Nafsak 4- Shaketak 5- La Tatezer 6- Jebrni El Waqt 7- Ana Amsek 8- Kesh Malek 9- Demaeti 10- Helm Wardi 11- Garimah 12- Habeebi A Al Warag 13- Taabt14- Ejrah15- Al Touba 16- Gmari 17- Adee Aleak 18- Al Dunia 19- Al Messafer 20- Namet Oyounek
That same month, he offered to fix aleak at 78-year-old Mary Marshall's home in Cambuslang, near Glasgow, for pounds 20.
AB auras / burbs AD Aira / dird AF Aiae (HI) / fife AH taiga / thigh AK sauna / skunk AN aevis / Nevin (CA, KY) AP area / prep AU zamboorak / zumbooruk AY coala / coyly AC aleak / cleck AE anticar / enticer AG aurae/gurge AI quacksalver / quicksilver AM toatoa / tom-tom AO abelian / obelion AR Aotea / roter AW Aoa (AS) / wow
The machine guides and transports products from both clamp stations to the one finishing station, thereby requiring one unit of downstream equipment, such as aleak tester and wide-neck cutter, is needed per machine.
Aleak from the All-Wales Convention - set up to gauge support for a referendum - last week prompted a swell of momentum for the poll, but that has now been dampened.