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n. Greek & Roman Mythology
One of the Furies.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth one of the three Furies; the others are Megaera and Tisiphone


(əˈlɛk toʊ)

one of the Furies.
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Noun1.Alecto - one of the three Furies
Erinyes, Eumenides, Fury - (classical mythology) the hideous snake-haired monsters (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals
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An afterword by Joe Studholme describes the history and process of the modern printing of Banks' Florilegium by Alecto Historical Editions.
Alecto has agreed conditionally to acquire 100% of the issued share capital of Cradle for a consideration of GBP 1m (USD 1.
Alecto assured that the projects will be maintained and sustained knowing that farmers in the area will have better lives and easy access to the basic needs in his acceptance message.
It is important to note that T alecto, which had previously been cited from Tucuman (Box 1927), was not found in the present study.
Gillray reinvented lady credit in a number of satires in the 1790s, notably as a fabulous French hag in Alecto and her train, at the gate of PandaeMonium:--or--The recruiting sarjeant enlisting John-Bull, into the Revolution Service (fig.
In the center there is Mars, the Roman god of war, pulled by the Fury (a deity of vengeance) by the name of Alecto, with a torch in her hand, and restrained by Venus.
Olympia Medical Center is a member of the Alecto Healthcare Group, a for-profit corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif.
Do outro lado, Marte e acompanhado da Furia Alecto, segurando uma tocha na mao.
29) The superiority of the propeller over the paddle wheel was established in an odd "tug-of-war" competition sponsored by the British Admiralty in 1845, during which the propeller-driven Rattler proved superior to the paddle-driven Alecto in both speed and power.
Union Pacific anticipates using five kinds of herbicides: Alecto 41S (EPA 9468-33), Esplanade 200SC (EPA 432-1516), Chemsurf 90, Alligare Picloram 22K (EPA 81927-18) and SFM Extra (EPA 81927-5).
Con que frecuencia la erinia Alecto ronda por los patios de la Corte