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Noun1.Alectoria - lichens having dark brown erect or pendulous much-branched cylindrical thallus
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Usneaceae, Usneaceae - fruticose lichens having prostrate or erect or pendulous thalli: genera Usnea, Evernia, Ramalina, Alectoria
horsehair lichen, horsetail lichen - any of several lichens of the genus Alectoria having a thallus consisting of filaments resembling hair
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The RBGE are appealing to Mountaineering Scotland's members to report sightings of Cicerbita alpina (alpine blue sowthistle), Saxifraga cespitosa (tufted saxifrage) - when on Ben Alder, Ben Avon, Ben Nevis or in the mountains of Torridon and northern Skye - and Alectoria ochroleuca (alpine sulphur tresses) found in areas of windclipped heathland, typically between about 750 and 950 metres altitude, on mountains in and surrounding the Cairngorms.
According to the interviewees in Kuukas and Oraniemi (Males 2-5), reindeer owners helped reindeer by cutting trees rich in arboreal lichens (Bryoria spp., Alectoria spp., Usnea spp.) when the digging conditions for terricolous lichens (Cladonia sp., Cladina sp.) were the most difficult, or when the pastures were poor in lichens because of high reindeer numbers (Itkonen, 1948; Alaruikka, 1964; Ruuttula-Vasari, 2004; Kortesalmi, 2007) (Table 2).
y como ocasionales Guzmania monostachya, Epidendrum nocturnum, Epidendrum sp., Alectoria sp., Polypodium aureum y Campyloneurum phyllitidis.