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Noun1.Alexander Pushkin - Russian poet (1799-1837)Alexander Pushkin - Russian poet (1799-1837)    
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To the Lugansk Cossack storyteller from the storyteller Aleksandr Pushkin." On the basis of this note it is generally thought that Dal himself related to Pushkin the plot of the story of the golden fish; Dal, for his part, could have heard it directly from the people; it is known that Dal owned one of the most extensive collections of Russian tales, which later became the foundation of Aleksandr Afanasiev's famous anthology.
The vessel was originally built for Russia's Baltic Shipping Company and named after the poet Aleksandr Pushkin.
Alexandre Dumas, Aleksandr Pushkin, and Colette all proudly proclaimed themselves to be Black, but The Three Musketeers, Eugene Onegin, Cheri--or any of Beethoven's symphonies, for that matter--are rarely part of any course or curricula on Black art.
A group of 34 people sought 34 million tenge (approximately US$187,900) in moral damages for offense caused by the advertising agency's poster showing the Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin kissing Kazakh composer Kurmangazy Sagyrbaiuly.
The opening and concluding chapters provide a superb analysis of Slutsky's more distant contexts: the American Objectivist poet, Charles Reznikoff, and the "father" of Russian literature, Aleksandr Pushkin. As the critic notes, Reznikoff, another diasporic poet, provides an illuminating comparative model of "writing 'Jewishly' in a non-Jewish tongue" (274).
Dostoevsky made a similar point in the famous address on Aleksandr Pushkin that he delivered in June 1880.
For the Decembrist Konstantin Ryleev, the History seemed to embody his own struggle against autocracy, while for Aleksandr Pushkin, the History was an admirable work of imperial Russian patriotism (pp.
Take note of the statue of the city's founder Peter the Great at the far end, on Senatskaya Ploshchad, which was heralded by Aleksandr Pushkin in his 1833 poem The Bronze Horseman - a keynote work in the history of Russian literature.