Aleksandr Scriabin

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Noun1.Aleksandr Scriabin - Russian composer of orchestral and piano music (1872-1915)Aleksandr Scriabin - Russian composer of orchestral and piano music (1872-1915)
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He had no time for Arnold Schoenberg and Aleksandr Scriabin and his appreciation for Igor Stravinsky stopped with Petrushka.
Smith's monograph provides an interdisciplinary study of Aleksandr Scriabin's music through Scriabin's own philosophy of desire (as well as philosophies that he was exposed to), semiotic-psychoanalytical theory, and music analysis.
Aleksandr Scriabin has enjoyed a healthy degree of interest among musicologists and theorists alike in the almost one hundred years since his death, although his music is still much maligned and underplayed in the concert hall.

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