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 (ăl′ĭk-săn′drəfsk, ə-lĭk-sän′-)


(Russian alɪkˈsandrəfsk)
(Placename) the former name (until 1921) of Zaporozhye
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33) The region's capital--with all its administrative, political, economic, and cultural institutions--was moved from Aleksandrovsk in the North to Toyohara.
The work is expected to eliminate scrap heaps of contaminated waste located in Andreeva Bay, Aleksandrovsk, Atomflot and Gremikha.
Khrushchev was concerned about the heavy-lift ship Aleksandrovsk, which had been sent to Cuba with a cargo of nuclear warheads, and suggested that caution be exercised.
It is established that for more than 7 years the applicant has been living on the basis of a contract of social hiring in a dwelling which, in 2013, was found unfit for habitation, and in this connection, in 2015 the dwelling house was included in the municipal program "Resettlement of Citizens Living in the Territory of the State Enterprise" Aleksandrovsk Sakhalin District ", from dilapidated and emergency housing stock in 2015 - 2020" and was subject to resettlement in 2017.
Electronic auction: performance of works on the maintenance of the objects of the street-road network in the territory of the polar city of zato aleksandrovsk (01.
Electronic auction: execution of works on current repair and maintenance of street and facade lighting in snezhnogorsk, hajiyevo, the settlement of olenya guba zato aleksandrovsk, p.
Request for proposal: Purchase of comfortable living spaces in aleksandrovsk
Open Competition: Preparation and updating topographic maps of the city of Aleksandrovsk on a scale of 1: 500

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