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(Italian alesˈsandrja)
(Placename) a town in NW Italy, in Piedmont. Pop: 85 438 (2001)


(ˌɑ lɛsˈsɑn dri ɑ)

a city in NW Italy, in Piedmont. 102,774.
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The battles of Il Taro, 1495; Alessandria, 1499; Capua, 1501; Genoa, 1507; Vaila, 1509; Bologna, 1511; Mestri, 1513.
I embarked at Alicante, reached Genoa after a prosperous voyage, and proceeded thence to Milan, where I provided myself with arms and a few soldier's accoutrements; thence it was my intention to go and take service in Piedmont, but as I was already on the road to Alessandria della Paglia, I learned that the great Duke of Alva was on his way to Flanders.
Beyond Alessandria we passed the battle-field of Marengo.
Parme, relegue en 2015 en D4 italienne apres avoir fait faillite, evoluera la saison prochaine en Serie B, apres sa victoire en barrages d'accession face a Alessandria 2 a 0, samedi a Florence.
Esseti owns and operates a small size organic rankine cycle biomass power plant based in Predosa, near Alessandria, to the east of Turin, Italy.
55pm); Coppa Italia, AC Milan v Alessandria (Sky Sports 1, 7.
Eco - who was born in Alessandria - said: "I am a philosopher.
Born on January 5, 1932, Eco was the son of a shopkeeper from Alessandria in northern Italy.
Alessandria, University of Rochester and NBER, and Horag Choi, Monash University, "The Dynamics of the U.
The Bellandis, who already had an adult son, were told at the Santi Antonio e Biagio hospital in Alessandria, Italy, that an abortion was needed to save Aurora's life.
ALESSANDRIA, the dam of yesterday's Prix deGuichewinner Saint Baudolino, producedacoltfoal by CapeCrosson Thursday.
The visitors hit back with Barry roche saving superbly from James Devitt's free-kick and James Hanson's closerange header before Lewis Alessandria missed a great chance when he shot over from 12 yards.