Alessandro Manzoni

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Noun1.Alessandro Manzoni - Italian novelist and poet (1785-1873)
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Intended for performance rather than worship, this music has been called "an opera in disguise." Verdi wrote his "Requiem" as a personal tribute to two countrymen he revered, composer Gioacchino Rossini and writer Alessandro Manzoni, and created an explosive masterpiece.
(3) Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Via Alessandro Manzoni, 56-20089 Rozzano, Italy
Since the 19th century Alessandro Manzoni's literary work has been a source of studies by many scholars, and nowadays the Italian author still remains one of the main figures in the Italian Literary panorama inside and outside the peninsula.
Storia milanese del secolo XVII scoperta e rifatta da Alessandro Manzoni, (1) sia una metafora guerresca, dove la guerra, "una guerra illustre contro il Tempo", sia niente altro che la storia stessa, anzi, nella romanzesca mimesi secentesca, "L'Historia".
Alice Crosta, Alessandro Manzoni nei paesi anglosassoni, Languages and Cultures, no.
The other two locations, the storage area of Gallerie d'ltalia and Casa Manzoni, featured works created specifically for the occasion and dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni, the great Italian writer: L'occhio di Alessandro Manzoni (Alessandro Manzoni's Eye), 2016, and I promessi sposi cancellati per venticinque lettori e died appestati (The Betrothed Erased for TwentyFive Readers and Ten People Afflicted by Plague), 2016.
And his hard work has now paid off: The elderly student received full marks in his math exam and English speaking test, as well as for an essay on Alessandro Manzoni, one of Italy's most famous writers.
Cyfansoddwyd y campwaith corawl er cof am Alessandro Manzoni, bardd a nofelydd Eidalaidd, a edmygwyd yn fawr gan Verdi.
Chesterton; the US has Walker Percy and Flannery O'Connor; France has Georges Bernanos and Paul Claudel; Italy has Eugenio Corti and Alessandro Manzoni; Norway has Sigfried Undset.
On January 2 1921, Italian school Alessandro Manzoni opened its doors in Sofia at 22 Gourko Str.