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 (skär-lä′tē), Alessandro 1660-1725.
Italian composer who influenced the development of modern opera. His son Domenico (1685-1757), a harpsichordist, wrote numerous works for the instrument.


1. (Biography) Alessandro (alesˈsandro). ?1659–1725, Italian composer; regarded as the founder of modern opera
2. (Biography) his son, (Giuseppe) Domenico (doˈmeːniko). 1685–1757, Italian composer and harpsichordist, in Portugal and Spain from 1720. He wrote over 550 single-movement sonatas for harpsichord, many of them exercises in virtuoso technique


(skɑrˈlɑ ti)

1. Alessandro, 1659–1725, Italian composer.
2. his son, Domenico, 1685–1757, Italian composer.
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Pagano provides a study of the relationship between composer Alessandro Scarlatti and his son Domenico (also a composer), in the context of seventeenth-century Sicilian culture.
Ably translated into English by Frederick Hammond, "Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti: Two Lives In One" is an inherently fascinating and impressively informative biography of Alessandro Scarlatti, one of the most celebrated and least performed composers of the Baroque, and his son Domenico.
Yet Bartoli talks about this collection of florid works by Alessandro Scarlatti, Antonio Caldara and the young George Frideric Handel, as if it were a group of famous Rossini arias.
The Consort's first CD will be a world premiere recording of a recently- discovered work by Francesco Scarlatti, brother of the better-known Alessandro Scarlatti and uncle of keyboard master Domenico.
This third CD in a series of cantatas by Alessandro Scarlatti is the second disc to feature a countertenor.