Aletris farinosa

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Noun1.Aletris farinosa - colicroot having a scurfy or granuliferous perianth and white flowersAletris farinosa - colicroot having a scurfy or granuliferous perianth and white flowers; southeastern United States
Aletris, genus Aletris - small genus of bitter-rooted herbs of eastern North America and Asia; sometimes placed in family Melanthiaceae
colic root, colicroot, crow corn, star grass, unicorn root - any of several perennials of the genus Aletris having grasslike leaves and bitter roots reputed to cure colic
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A proprietary formula was found to owe its estrogenic property to Glycyrrhiza glabra, Aletris farinosa, Helonias luteum and Asclepias tuberosa, but principally to the licorice (Costello 1950).
Aletris farinosa L.: P40298 * Asparagus officinalis L.: P40313 Lilium michiganense Farw.: P40816 Smilacina racemosa (L.) Desf.: P40097
sagittatum (arrow-leaved tear-thumb) Wet prairie Aletris farinosa (colic root) Cladium marsicoides (twig rush) Eleocharis melanocarpa (black-fruited spike rush) Gentiana crinita (fringed gentian) Juncus canadensis (Canadian rush) Ludwigia a1ternifolia (seedbox) Oxypolis rigidior (cowbane) Rubus hispidus obovalis (swamp dewberry) Sisyrinchium atlanticum (eastern blue-eyed grass) Spiranthes cernua (nodding lady's tresses) Table 5 Endangered plant species, as listed by Indiana Department of Natural Resources, in the wetlands of DuPont Tract, Clark & Pine Nature Preserve (C&P), and Miller Woods.