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 (är′kə-pĕng′kō), Alexander Porfyrovych or Porfirevich 1887-1964.
Ukrainian-born American sculptor noted for his cubist depictions of the human body, such as Woman Combing Her Hair (1915).
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(Russian arˈxipɪnkə)
(Biography) Aleksandr Porfiryevich (alɪkˈsandr parˈfirjɪvitʃ). 1887– 1964, Russian sculptor and painter, in the US after 1923, whose work is characterized by economy of form
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(ˌɑr kəˈpɛŋ koʊ)

Aleksander Porfirievich, 1887–1964, U.S. sculptor, born in Russia.
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Another great project is to use cardboard to create a cubist sculpture in the style of Alexander Archipenko.
9 fetched $860,500 at auction, and a sculpture by Alexander Archipenko called Gondolier sold for $574,500.
Duncan, a critic and art historian who has written extensively on California art, opens the publication with an essay provocatively titled "Claire Falkenstein: Exploding the Volume." As his title suggests, Duncan examines the ingenious ways in which Falkenstein explored "anti-form" in three dimensions, beginning in the late 1930s by creating a group of polychromed ceramic sculptures with no central core, turning them inside out by bending and folding slabs of clay in the manner of Mobius strips (her teacher at Mills College, the Russian avant-garde sculptor Alexander Archipenko, christened them "sculpto-paintings").
(14/) Maria Elena Versari, 'The Style and Status of the Modern Artist: Archipenko in the Eyes of the Italian Futurists' in Marek Bartelik et al., Alexander Archipenko Revisited, New York, 2008, p.
Echoing a wide range of precursors--from high Constructiv-ism (Alexander Archipenko .and Henryk Staiewski), to geometric abstraction's flashier midcentury incarnations (Richard Anuszkiewicz, Victor Vasarely), to the eager swallowing-up of both by the "rad," spray-paint-besmirched graphic design of the 1980s--the London-based artist's neat, sharp, labor-intensive paintings unite a shallow if convincing illusory depth with a neurotic meticulousness to erect optical labyrinths that both tantalize and deceive.
Also on display: Work from big names such as Seattle painter Mark Tobey and Ukrainian avant-garde artist Alexander Archipenko in "Rarely Seen Works From the Permanent Collection", and work by a Coos Bay artist, "Contexture: Recent Works by Pat Snyder," both through Sept.
And prints and sculptures by Alexander Archipenko can be seen through July 23.
Artists of the Russian avant-garde such as Alexander Archipenko, Mikhail Larionov, Kazimir Malevich, and Liubov Popova combined political and social concerns with their stylistic innovations.