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Noun1.Alexander Pushkin - Russian poet (1799-1837)Alexander Pushkin - Russian poet (1799-1837)    
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Born in 1799 in Moscow, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin -- who has been called the "founder of poetic and literary language in Russian" (Belinski, Turgenev), "the first of the Russians" (Dostoyevski), "the first Russian artist-poet" (Belinski), "the original model for Russian identity" (Grigoriev), "an extremely rare and perhaps unique phenomenon of the Russian spirit" (Gogol), "the sun of the Russian intellectual conception of the world" (Dostoyevsky) -- could trace his roots back to African ancestors.
The main action of Pushkin House occurs, speaking metaphorically, in a place of that name--the many-chambered mansion of Russian literature founded, so to speak, by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin early in the nineteenth century.