Alexander of Tunis

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Alexander of Tu·nis

 (to͞o′nĭs, tyo͞o′-), First Earl Title of Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander. 1891-1969.
British field marshal who during World War II led maneuvers at Dunkirk and in Burma, North Africa, and Italy.
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6 -- " The only man under whom any General would gladly serve' (Field Marshal Montgomery-later Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, on Field Marshal Alexander, later Earl Alexander of Tunis. Alexander commanded the Allied Forces in Africa under whom Montgomery and the 8th Army served))
Stewart, author of several books on military history, details the campaigns of Alexander of Tunis from 1940 to 1945.
"'General Alex' or 'The Chief,' as we all knew him," wrote Rupert Clarke about British Army General Sir Harold Alexander, "was a man in a million." To be sure, Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis, as he later became known, was one of the outstanding British military commanders of the 20th century.