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(Placename) the former name of Iskenderun
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(ɪsˈkɛn dəˌrun)

1. Formerly, Alexandretta. a seaport in S Turkey, on the Gulf of Iskenderun. 156,800.
2. Gulf of, an inlet of the Mediterranean, off the S coast of Turkey.
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In short, it would be another version of the Alexandretta experience.
In 1939, his country annexed the Sanjak of Alexandretta, a Syrian coastal plain that included the strategic city of Antioch, causing uproar among Syrian nationalists.
The parti colonial was supportive of the suggestion to place French and British troops at Alexandretta in Latakia province on the northern Syrian coast, but the government under Alexander Millerand and foreign minister Theophile Declasse did not support the plan.
Furthermore, as Sean McMeeken (2015) notes, in April 1915, the Hunchak revolutionaries and in July Boghos Nubar Pasha, the Egyptianborn head of the Armenian National Delegation, promised an armed collaboration with tens of thousands of Armenian insurgents if the British were to land at Alexandretta, instead of Gallipoli, to occupy Cilicia, which would ultimately lead to the creation of an Armenian state in Anatolia.
McMahon made specific exceptions for Mersin and Alexandretta (Iskanderun) and 'portions of Syria lying to the west of the districts of Damascus, Homs, Hama and Aleppo, which cannot be said to be purely Arab.' The excluded region had a substantial Christian percentage, but in line with its imperial tactics of divide and rule Britain chose to regard only Muslims as 'Arab' despite the role Christians played in the formulation of the Arab national idea.
Maunsell, who did much of the survey work for IDWO 1522 and compiled the maps, also produced a military geography detailing routes from the coast in the Gulf of Alexandretta up to the border with Russia in the Caucasus.
Formerly called the Sanjak of Alexandretta, the province was annexed to Turkey from French Mandate Syria in 1939, following a plebiscite that was state-managed from Turkeys capital, Ankara.
In 1936, Turkey moved to capture the province of Alexandretta (modern day Hatay) in northern Syria.
The first is parts of Palestine that "cannot be said to be purely Arab," including Mersina, Alexandretta and certain portions of Syria.
X MAS continued attacking (or attempting to attack) targets--in Gibraltar, Algiers, Alexandria, Bone, Palestine, and Alexandretta (in Turkey), off the coast of Libya, and in the Black Sea.
He states that "the two districts of Mersina and Alexandretta and portions of Syria lying to the west of the districts of Damascus, Homs, Hama and Aleppo cannot be said to be purely Arab and should be excluded from the limits demanded [emphasis added]." This acknowledgement of regional and ethnic differences on the part of Britain was in this instance much more concrete than Hussein's, an Arab who claimed on a number of instances within this limited correspondence to speak for the entire Arabic realm.
This alternative plan called for an invasion of Alexandretta (now called Iskenderun) which was defended by a garrison of mostly Arab conscripts on the verge of mutiny against their Turkish officers.

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