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also Great Al·föld  (ôl′fəld)
An extensive plain of central Hungary extending into eastern Croatia, northern Serbia, and western Romania. The Little Alföld lies in northwest Hungary and southwest Slovakia.
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The Alfold Barn was built in 1590 and has many connections with the local area and Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.
Working with DNA from tumors in pet Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and Boxers, the scientists identified genes with known involvement in human lymphoma and other cancers as well as "novel genes" that could resu lt in new treatments, says Jessica Alfold i, Ph.D., at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.
They defeated the Bulgars, another Turkic-speaking people, who camped out in the Pontic steppe at the time, and centred around what is now the Hungarian Alfold (plain).
The funds will be used to build a new car manufacturing plant in the Del Alfold region.
Lib Dems also chalked up big switches against Tories at Wanstead in Redbridge London Borough and Alfold, Cranleigh Rural and Ellen's Green at Surrey's Waverley Borough.
She had seen the mayor in her village whistle, but that was only once, and theirs was a small village, deep in the Alfold, three and a half hours from Budapest, two hours from the Ukraine, and not connected to either by train.
John Meadowcroft, 15 Springbok Cottages, Alfold, Surrey GU6 8HT
The Whittingtons had previously lived in Alfold, Surrey, a village a few miles to the south-east of Dunsfold.
DEAN YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHY KAREN ROSS, daughter of David and Dorothy Ross of Forfield Road, Coundon, married Dr David James, son of John and Margaret Newlands of Clapper's Meadow, Alfold, Surrey, at Coundon Methodist Church, Coventry, June 7
Miller, of Alfold, Surrey, was visited by officials from the TV Licensing Authority and warned that he faced a fine if he continued to watch television.
About a two-hour drive southeast of Budapest, and well worth a day trip, lies a flat, fertile plain commonly called the Puszta but more accurately referred to as the Alfold. Here in Lajosmizse, I would see my first real gulyas--a thin spicy soup, not a stew.