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(ælˈfɒn soʊ, -zoʊ)
1. Alfonso I, (Alfonso Henriques) 1109?–85, first king of Portugal 1139–85.
2. Alfonso XIII, 1886–1941, king of Spain 1886–1930.
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But the Wingmakers grew into the game and, after Alfons Fosu-Mensah and Nathan Quirk saw opportunities come and go, they went in front in the 32nd minute when Kristian Platt headed home from a corner.
Lance Jones' own goal on 28 minutes put the Wingmakers ahead before Alfons Fosu-Mensah scored from the penalty spot two minutes after the break.
They will see Alfons Kennis and twin brother Adrie, the Paleo-artists behind the reconstruction.
Cheddar Man was brought to life by Dutch twins, Adrie and Alfons Kennis, who reconstructed his face using 3D printing.
The programme stars a group of young artists, including Shady Alfons and Khalid Mansour, who first rose to prominence through Bassem Youssef's show, "El-Bernameg" (The Programme), which was previously also banned from screening.
They scanned the skull and a 3D model was produced by "paleo artists" Alfons and Adrie Kennis, who make life-like reconstructions of extinct mammals and early humans.
The visitors levelled when home keeper Joey Jones dallied on a clearance and was caught in possession, leaving Alfons Fosu-Mensah with a tap-in for an Airbus equaliser on the half hour.
The strength of the jokes all come from the writing," said performer and writer Shadi Alfons, while talking about the recipe behind the show's success.
At the opening ceremony, festival's director Alfons Hug, and German Ambassador to Azerbaijan Michael Kindsgrab delivered speech.
In 1920, German neuropathologist Alfons Maria Jakob described a series of 6 patients with spasticity and progressive dementia associated with neural degeneration.
Alfons Shkoza of KZA represented the lessee, MAZ Chiropractic, in the over $1.
Rashid & Rajab's script was written by Dubai's Mo Youssef and developed by Hollywood's Caleb Wilson and Matt Allen (Four Christmases) and regional comedians Fahad Al-Butairi (From A to B) and Shadi Alfons (Saturday Night Live Cairo).