Alphonsine tables

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astronomical tables prepared under the patronage of Alphonso the Wise.
- Whewell.

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Alphonsus (Alfonso X "the Wise," King of Castile, 1221-1284) bankrolled the Alfonsine Tables of planetary positions based on the calculations of Arzachel (al-Zarqali, "the Engraver") in Muslim Spain.
The Alfonsine Tables of Toledo, Dordrecht (Netherlands), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003.
Another was to take the heat out of apocalytic prophecies by placing the end far into the future, which, as Laura Smoller shows, was a method adopted by reformers like Pierre d'Ailly, who, basing himself on the so-called Alfonsine tables, moved the imminence of Antichrist from his own "troubled times" of the Schism to the late eighteenth century.
Nevertheless, the Alfonsine tables were an improvement on what had gone before.
Based on the length of the year given by the Alfonsine Tables, prepared in the 13th century, Lilio's scheme reduced the Julian calendar by three days in four centuries.
They were better than the Alfonsine Tables of three centuries earlier, which had been based on Ptolemy's mathematics-but not much better.