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(ælˈfɒn soʊ, -zoʊ)
1. Alfonso I, (Alfonso Henriques) 1109?–85, first king of Portugal 1139–85.
2. Alfonso XIII, 1886–1941, king of Spain 1886–1930.
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(while the Captain won unto him the greater party) was convoyed aboard the General Don Alfonso Bacan.
Sir Richard thus over- matched was sent unto by Alfonso Bacan to remove out of the Revenge, the ship being marvellous unsavoury, filled with blood and bodies of dead, and wounded men, like a slaughterhouse.
Even his foes were forced to admire Sir Richard's dauntless courage, for when he was carried aboard Don Alfonso's ship "the captain and gentlemen went to visit him, and to comfort him in his hard fortune, wondering at his courageous stout heart for that he showed not any sign of faintness nor changing of colour.
I embarked in March, 1622, in the same fleet with the Count Vidigueira, on whom the king had conferred the viceroyship of the Indies, then vacant by the resignation of Alfonso Noronha, whose unsuccessful voyage in the foregoing year had been the occasion of the loss of Ormus, which being by the miscarriage of that fleet deprived of the succours necessary for its defence, was taken by the Persians and English.
At last he had even started amongst all the Linnaeuses and Tourneforts a tulip which bore his name, and which, after having travelled all through France, had found its way into Spain, and penetrated as far as Portugal; and the King, Don Alfonso VI.
He had the mysterious juruparis of the Rio Negro Indians, that women are not allowed to look at and that even youths may not see till they have been subjected to fasting and scourging, and the earthen jars of the Peruvians that have the shrill cries of birds, and flutes of human bones such as Alfonso de Ovalle heard in Chile, and the sonorous green jaspers that are found near Cuzco and give forth a note of singular sweetness.
Edmer Soriano Alfonso from Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University topped the exam with a rating of 82.60 percent.
Release date- 22082019 - Alfonso Sancha (Mainz, Germany, 1965) has been appointed new SEAT executive Vice-president for Purchasing and will assume his position on 1st September.
"We're launching the app, soft launching in August in Apple Store, and Google Play," Juan Alfonso, President and CEO of LRMC said on Thursday.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife, Angela Unkrich have welcomed their third child together with an adorable pic of their newborn.