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Of or being a psychological school based on the belief that behavior arises in subconscious efforts to compensate for inferiority and that psychological illness results from overcompensation for the perceived inferiority.

[After Alfred Adler.]


(Psychiatry) of or relating to Alfred Adler or his ideas


(ædˈlɪər i ən)

of or pertaining to Alfred Adler or his theories, esp. the belief that behavior is determined by compensation for feelings of inferiority.


[ˌædˈlɪərɪən] ADJ (Psych) → adleriano
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Alex Lobo es gran admirador del psicoterapeuta Alfred Adler quien se dedico a estudiar a las personas que nacen con alguna incapacidad y desarrollan otras capacidades de manera compensatoria para convertirse en superhumanos.
IT WAS Dr Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychoanalyst and contemporary of Sigmund Freud, who first said that birth order inherently affects personality.
Sister Rajkowski received her master's in counseling psychology from the Alfred Adler Institute and her accreditation as a Registered Nurse Psychotherapist Counselor from the University of Wisconsin-EauClaire.
It was Dr Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychoanalyst and middle child himself, who first said that birth order inherently affects personality.
An Adlerian lexicon: Fifty-nine terms associated with the individual psychology of Alfred Adler.
Each man seems to suffer from an inferiority complex, that debilitating trait Alfred Adler delineated a century ago.
ALFRED ADLER (1870-1937) is one of the great founders of psychotherapy, but often is relegated to a comer with a few remarks about birth order and maybe credit for starting the child guidance movement.
Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (Joy) postulated the Pleasure Principle; his colleague, Carl Jung (Young), the principle of rebirth and their colleague Alfred Adler (Eagle) wrote of the Will to Power.
Lot 8 = rides for the Alfred Adler School for about 8 school children to school 3 days / week.
His chief theological source for existential theology is Paul Tillich, chiefly backed by Alfred Adler and Erich Fromm.
For example, the work of Alfred Adler and his supporters is not discussed.
School counseling for African American adolescents: The Alfred Adler approach.