Alfred Binet

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Noun1.Alfred Binet - French psychologist remembered for his studies of the intellectual development of children (1857-1911)
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Adam goes back to Francis Galton, a cousin of Darwin, who coined the word "eugenics"; to Alfred Binet, inventor of the first intelligence test for children based on "mental age"; and to Charles Spearman, who hypothesised a single, measurable "general intelligence".
It is an almost exact description of an experiment performed and published by Alfred Binet in 1884.
The test was originally designed by the French psychologist Alfred Binet in the early 1900s.
Alfred Binet, a French psychologist, devised some of the earliest intelligence tests to "identify children who needed remedial help in school to catch up to their peers." Although Perry does not mention it, Binet was a model of scientific caution who explicitly worried about potentially harmful applications of the empirical study of intelligence.
French educator Alfred Binet, who developed the first IQ test in 1905, did not believe that IQ was fixed.
It was Charcot's pupil, the psychologist Alfred Binet, who in 1887 would identify the phenomenon of 'erotic fetishism' that would inspire Realism's surrealist successors.