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Noun1.Alfred Korzybski - United States semanticist (born in Poland) (1879-1950)
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The time-binding represents what I will refer to as the shift from general semantics 1.0 to general semantics 1.1--after Neil, in his contribution to the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture series in 1974, and under the title "Media Ecology: General Semantics in the Third Millennium," offered a definition of media ecology as "general semantics writ large." The repercussions of that pronouncement are still felt by some all these years later, and even remain something of a sore spot--as though the matter represented the usurping of one tradition by another.
Because, as Alfred Korzybski said in Science and Sanity in 1933, humans very often tend to do this--to generalize and to overgeneralize or label.
Born in Canada, Hayakawa studied with Alfred Korzybski and taught at the University of Chicago and at San Francisco State College.
In 1933, Alfred Korzybski published a book of 798 pages entitled Science and Sanity, setting forth a methodological system, both theoretical and practical, dealing with all of human life.
Slan (1946) concerns mutant humans who can read minds, and The World of A (1948, later The World of Null-A, 1953), deals with inhabitants of Venus who are conditioned semantically by the "null-A," or non-Aristotelian, doctrines of Alfred Korzybski. Van Vogt's later novels, generally less popular, include The Battle of Forever (1971), in which the last man alive cannot bring himself to use his superhuman powers against an enemy determined to exterminate humanity.
Let's begin with a letter from Alfred Korzybski to S.I.
Keyes lost his original recording and only copies of the transcript exist (available in microfilm form at the Alfred Korzybski archives at Columbia University's Butler Library).
Alfred Korzybski's first training was in engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Warsaw.
This, of course, is where the ideas and concepts of Alfred Korzybski and general semantics become especially important to try and create sanity in a world increasingly going insane.
--Allen Ginsberg, from Ginsberg: A Biography In an advertising blurb announcing a recent poetry event sponsored by the New York Society for General Semantics, NYSGS President Lance Strate stated: "Alfred Korzybski, founder of general semantics, wrote that, 'poetry often conveys in a few sentences more of lasting values than a whole volume of scientific analysis' (Science and Sanity, p.
In it, Alfred Korzybski discusses the notion of time-binding, which is the ability of human beings to pass information in symbolic form across generations.