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Noun1.Alfred Stieglitz - United States photographer (1864-1946)Alfred Stieglitz - United States photographer (1864-1946)
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She also becomes romantically involved with Alfred Stieglitz, whom she marries after several years.
(1.) You can read for yourself in O'Keefe's letters to her lover, the photographer Alfred Stieglitz. My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, Volume One, 1915-1933, ed.
"Pamela Colman Smith: The Untold Story" is a collaborative work presenting a richly illustrated biography of Pamela's life with essays on the events and people that influenced her including Jack Yeats, Ellen Terry, Alfred Stieglitz, Bram Stoker and William Gillette.
Nodding to Alfred Stieglitz's majestic series "Equivalents," 1925-34, McFarland mines the potential of these arresting accidents to suggest inner emotions.
Estrella says that the material on the webpage was produced by over 1,100 authors including renowned visual artists such as Alfred Stieglitz, Alice Austin, Bernardo Bellotto, Eugene Atget, Jan van der Heyden, Johannes Vermeer, Timothy O'Sullivan and William Henry Fox Talbot.
I was looking at a lot of photography books at Barnes & Noble--Robert Frank, Paul Strand, Alfred Stieglitz. For the first seven years, I only shot with black-and-white film; I had a conservative view of what photography was supposed to be.
Her decision to mail her drawings to photographer Alfred Stieglitz, who owns an art gallery in New York, changes her life forever.
O'Keeffe's early critical reception was in fact fuelled by her gallerist, and eventual husband, Alfred Stieglitz. On first encountering the 29-year-old O'Keeffe's charcoal works--strange compositions of curling forms and black lines--Stieglitz declared, 'At last, a woman on paper!' He gave her a solo show the year after, in 1917, and these works are displayed in the opening gallery here in a recreation of Stieglitz's 291 space in New York; from these follow a selection of Steiglitz's portraits of O'Keeffe, including images of her breasts, hands and pubic hair (but none, significantly, of the artist at work).
Her drawings were first exhibited in 1908 in New York City in Alfred Stieglitz's Gallery 291 (O'Keeffe later married Stieglitz).
For the Bronx sequences, he drew inspiration from painters like Georgia O'Keeffe and photographer Alfred Stieglitz. The California scenes were influenced by painters Edward Hopper and Otto Dix (the latter reflects the influence German expressionists had on Hollywood at that time), as well as photographer Edward Steichen, known for his portraits of stars such as Gloria Swanson.