Alfred de Musset

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Noun1.Alfred de Musset - French poet and writer (1810-1857)
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It was so, I said to myself, Alfred de Musset used to sit and sip his absinthe before a fascinated world.
She read a great deal, and almost always French books, in fresh yellow paper; not the lighter forms of that literature, but a volume of Sainte-Beuve, of Renan or at the most, in the way of dissipation, of Alfred de Musset.
Rehabilitation of buildings T3 / T4 / T5 square Beranger and C5 Alfred de Musset building in Stains.
Based on a drama by Alfred de Musset and fashioned into a libretto by his brother, Paul, the eponymous Fantasio is a moody student in Munich.
beaucoup moins que]Le plaisir des disputes, c'est de faire la paix[beaucoup plus grand que], a conclu Alfred de Musset.
Students of literature and history will recognize many of the names of the central characters, as George had close personal encounters with Napoleon I and III, Alexander Dumas pere and fils, Frederic Chopin, Alfred de Musset, and a long list of other notable figures.
FRESH from completing his first feature film - in which he stars as 19th century poet Alfred de Musset - Peter Doherty is back on the road for a lengthy tour that includes Leicester Academy on May 4 and Birmingham HMV on May 14.