fettuccine Alfredo

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Noun1.fettuccine Alfredo - fettuccine in cream sauce with cheese
fettuccine, fettuccini - pasta in flat strips wider than linguine
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Soft chicken chunks, cheese and mushrooms on a spinach Alfredo sauce yells flavour, but it was anything but.
The menu features a starter of a garden salad with vinaigrette, an entree of herb breaded chicken Parmesan accompanied by pasta with Alfredo sauce and broccolini and red peppers, and a dessert of pot de crme.
A big fan of cooking what he shoots and hooks, Kenney said his favorite wild foods entree is blackened grouper or snapper over angel hair pasta--with Alfredo sauce.
With an ever-changing menu, sample lunch fare includes such items as penne pasta with garlic Alfredo sauce, shrimp scampi, beef sirloin with demi-glace, Portobello mushrooms with barley, soft shell crab with lemon butter and Ahi and yellowtail sashimi.
I cook a mean chicken and sweet corn pie, with alfredo sauce.
Step two is a choice of pasta sauce: Spicy marinara, Regular marinara, Alfredo sauce, Alla vodka sauce (pink sauce) and step three is choice of salad dressing: House Italian, Ranch.
ALFREDO SAUCE Thick and creamy restaurant quality sauce that can be made right at home and is every cheese lover's dream come true.
range from a Red Pepper and Cheese Omelet, to Pasta with Cashew Chickpea Alfredo Sauce, to Meatless Loaf with Miso Gravy, to French Macarons.
Monthly vegan cooking class, "Vegan Sauces and Gravies," with demonstrations of Mushroom Gravy, Alfredo Sauce, Melty "Cheese," Sweet & Sour Sauce and Rice Bowl Sauce.
Founded in 1943, Berner is a producer of private label cheese dips, salsa con queso, alfredo sauce, aerosol cheese products and coffee- and latte-based beverages.
Yeah, yeah, I've heard all that stuff about "Just try it with this creamy Alfredo sauce," and "Cover it with bacon, splash on some salsa, and wow
Some of their videos show them making pasta dough, cooking pancakes, meatballs and alfredo sauce, and breakfast pizza with guacamole - all in their own kitchen.