Algebraic sum

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as distinguished from arithmetical sum, the aggregate of two or more numbers or quantities taken with regard to their signs, as + or -, according to the rules of addition in algebra; thus, the algebraic sum of -2, 8, and -1 is 5.

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Moreover, the obtained solution can be extended for a wider class of periodic parametric functions including all the functions which can be expressed by the algebraic sum of exponential functions or can be approximated by such functions with sufficiently small error.
New [S.sub.n] -(x, y) and [T.sub.n] -(x, y) from the algebraic sum s-norm.
The approach rejects the argument that maximization of collective welfare can be an algebraic sum of individual welfare and replaces it with "an analysis of decision-making processes in terms of voting theory, game theory, agency relations, and in terms of the Coasian theory of the firm and of the transaction costs applied to the governments as complex firms supplying public goods."
Fuzzy Algebraic Sum is applied to get the final weights of indicators.
With the intention of providing systemic techniques that will help graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, researchers and non-specialists evaluate almost any finite algebraic sum, this offers essential tools ranging from classic ideas of Euler to computer algorithms by Gosper, Wilf and Zeilberger.
Discharge pressure at the pump is the algebraic sum of all the pressure differentials throughout the system: [p.sub.1] = [p.sub.4] + [summation][DELTA][p.sub.losses].