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 (ăl′jĭ-sîr′əs, äl′hĕ-thē′räs)
A city of southern Spain on the Bay of Algeciras opposite Gibraltar. It is a port and tourist center.


(ˌældʒɪˈsɪrəs; Spanish alxeˈθiras)
(Placename) a port and resort in SW Spain, on the Strait of Gibraltar: scene of a conference of the Great Powers in 1906. Pop: 108 779 (2003 est)


(ˌæl dʒɪˈsɪr əs)

a seaport in S Spain, in Andalusia, on the Strait of Gibraltar. 97,213.
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The police eventually discovered Du had used his passport to leave Spain through the port of Algericas and he was traced through a newspaper appeal.
Spanish police refused to make an official comment on the circumstances surrounding the arrest but it is believed there was an armed swoop on a villa on the Atlanterra housing estate in the tiny, picturesque resort of Zahara de los Atunes between Cadiz and Algericas.