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a.1.Producing cold.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Two eskers had slopes averaging about 45[degrees], one of which may be algific. Eskers were topped with mixed deciduous-coniferous forest of varying amounts of canopy closure and groundcover of mosses, forbs, ferns, and grasses.
(The term "driftless" indicates a lack of glacial drift, the material left behind by retreating continental glaciers.) It contains an unusual type of ecosystem characterized by algific ("cold-producing") talus, a loose-rock slope affected by the movement of cold air produced by sinkholes and ice.
The most readily testable predictions (numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5) were evaluated by comparing species-richness and community-composition patterns within two northeastern Iowa refugia: algific talus slopes (paleorefugia) and fens (neorefugia).
neorefugia; species richness; talus slopes, algific; vicariance.
To provide a preliminary assessment for these hypothesized differences, I have used a paleorefugia system (algific talus slopes; Frest 1982) and neorefugia system (fens; Nekola 1994) that co-occur in northeastern Iowa to examine four specific predictions: (1) the species-area relationship is steeper and stronger in algific slopes as compared to fens; (2) the species-isolation relationship is stronger in fens as compared to algific talus slopes; (3) distance-decay patterns are more important in fens as compared to algific talus slopes; and (4) the occurrence frequency of good and poor dispersers varies between algific talus slopes and fens.
Algific talus slopes.--Algific talus slopes ("algific" coined from the Greek root "algos" and translates to "cold producing") occur within a deciduous-forest matrix on steep, usually north-facing, carbonate talus slopes where cold air flows out of ice-filled caves (Frest 1981; Fig.
Baker, Discidae) is a state and federally endangered land snail that occurs on a specialized habitat type termed an algific talus slope in the karst topography region of northeastern Iowa and adjacent Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.
Data collection.--Between 2001 and 2006 we sampled populations of Iowa Pleistocene snails at eight algific slope sites in Clayton, Dubuque, Fayette and Jackson counties, Iowa.
The algific features at Site 281, a privately owned site in Fayette County, Iowa, extend into a pasture with several large cold vent areas covered by loose talus and also containing fern cover.
Upland sinkholes contribute to the air flow regime and are an important component of a unique system called an algific talus slope, meaning a cold producing rocky slope.
The Iowa Pleistocene snail now occurs nowhere else in the world but at 37 algific talus slopes in Iowa and Illinois.
Algific talus slopes range in size from a few square meters to 0.5 mile (0.8 km) in length.