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Noun1.Al Gore - Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)
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20) AlGore, Speech on Renewable Energy at Constitution Hall (July 17, 2008), http://www.
AlGore also announced that a group of US Experts on climate change will visit Pakistan.
Hic algore suo praedatur gaudia ueris, / Furaturque: decus pratis, & sidera florum, / Algescitque: calens, frigens feruescn.
AlGore, his vice-president, stood for theDemocrats against the Republican Bush.
The Qataris, under their Serbian coach Algore, stayed on top with six points from three matches.
Mr Obama selected Nobel-prize winning physicist Steven Chu as energy secretary and Carol Browner, a confidante of former Vice President AlGore, to lead a White House council on energy and climate.