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 (ăl′ĭ-kăn′tē, ä′lē-kän′tĕ)
A city of southeast Spain on the Mediterranean Sea south of Valencia. It is a port and tourist center.


(Placename) a port in SE Spain: commercial centre. Pop: 305 911 (2003 est). Catalan name: Alacant


(ˌæl əˈkæn ti)

a seaport in SE Spain, on the Mediterranean. 265,543.
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That's right; now bring the Alicante and some biscuits.
The count told Baptistin to leave the plate within reach of his guest, who began by sipping the Alicante with an expression of great satisfaction, and then delicately steeped his biscuit in the wine.
We promised to do so, and when he had embraced us and given us his blessing, one set out for Salamanca, the other for Seville, and I for Alicante, where I had heard there was a Genoese vessel taking in a cargo of wool for Genoa.
I embarked at Alicante, reached Genoa after a prosperous voyage, and proceeded thence to Milan, where I provided myself with arms and a few soldier's accoutrements; thence it was my intention to go and take service in Piedmont, but as I was already on the road to Alessandria della Paglia, I learned that the great Duke of Alva was on his way to Flanders.
Tenders are invited for replacing the luminaires of the campus of the university of alicante
WHETHER you fancy a long weekend break away, looking for a stag or hen do with a difference, or in need of some winter sun, Alicante is a destination that never fails to disappoint
The Spanish airline has scheduled routes from the Welsh Government-owned airport to Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga and Palma Majorca.
Byline: from Patrick Hill in Alicante and Gerard Couzens
Travel Business Review-July 1, 2016--British Airways announces flights from London City to Alicante
Flight EZY6417 from Newcastle to Alicante in Spain had to divert to Nantes in France so the holidaymaker could receive urgent assistance.
ENJOY a city break in Alicante with Jet2 holidays staying at the threestar La City Hotel, three nights room only departing from East Midlands on September 8.
Isabella Crump was at a villa in Alicante in Spain with her parents when the nightmare unfolded.