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Noun1.Alice B. Toklas - United States writer remembered as the secretary and companion of Gertrude Stein (1877-1967)
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He survives by selling the New York Times, teaching English, reading to Alice Toklas. In his small room, he enjoys some solitary epiphanies.
DiBattista and Wittman's introduction gracefully yet forcefully lists narrative characteristics untraditional but nonetheless shared by the autobiographies addressed in the volume: depictions of brief transformative periods at the expense of greater trajectories (Virginia Woolf), upending of chronology (Jean Rhys), ellipses and evasions (Henry Adams), subversion, grammatical and plural, with the notion of self (Gertrude Stein, Alice Toklas, W.
The celebrity cookbook is not all that old and one of the best was the Alice Toklas Cookbook which appeared roughly a century ago and reflected the kind of gourmet food Toklas prepared for her lesbian lover Gertrude Stein, including a reference to her famous "hash cookies".
Another San Francisco venue, its new Contemporary Jewish Museum, also skimmed the surface of these troubling questions in "Seeing Gertrude Stein." Alas, a wall label in an art exhibition may not be the best place to explain Stein's sometimes hateful political viewstheir personal sources complexthat preceded her and Alice Toklas' curious idyll in Occupied France.
By late 1910, the modest two-bedroom apartment at 27, rue de Fleurus that Leo had initially rented for himself was home to three occupants: Leo, Gertrude, and her companion, Alice Toklas. Leo's increasing deafness led him to distance himself from the Saturday evening salons, and by 1913 he recognized that it was time for him to leave rue de Fleurus altogether.
After that point, the friendly tone of the letters drops significantly for a time and many of Stein's letters to Thomson are from either Alice Toklas, her companion, or William Bradley, her agent.
We had great fun in Spain that year and we travelled and wrote and Hemingway took me tuna fishing and I caught four cans and we laughed and Alice Toklas asked me if I was in love with Gertrude Stein because I had dedicated a book of poems to her even though they were T.
In 1910, Alice Toklas moved into 27, rue de Fleurus.
Stein's most intriguing works display a domestic and tactile eroticism that results from her relationship with Alice Toklas. This eroticism informs Stein's thinking and writing and is important in the development of both Modernism and Postmodernism.
Appearances by Alice Toklas, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Basket the poodle and a mute bear in a chair enliven what becomes a party to end all parties.
Gertrude Stein was born into an established family of German-American Jews and raised in Oakland, California, and Alice Toklas grew up as part of the well-to-do Jewish community of fin-de-siecle San Francisco.