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Noun1.Alice Walker - United States writer (born in 1944)
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Recently, author Alice Walker has been in the news for what has been called "repeated expressions of anti-Semitism." In the wake of this controversy, a 2017 poem by Walker titled "It Is Our (Frightful) Duty to Study the Talmud" has resurfaced, wherein she refers to the "devastating impact" the Talmud has had on the entire world.
This work for undergraduate students and scholars focuses on the philosophical thought of novelist and poet Alice Walker. Five chronological sections give details on her education, her writing career, influences on her intellectual and philosophical development, and her activism over the decades, from the Civil Rights era to the Middle East conflict.
Olivia Alice Walker, from Halewood, was a pupil at Bluebell Park, in Kirkby.
Built in the 1940s by the late Norman and Alice Walker, Jagger Hill Farm is now occupied by their great granddaughter Donna Walker, shown left, and her partner Stewart Clarkson.
NEW YORK -- Along with writing novels, stories, poems and essays, Alice Walker has been keeping a diary.
Toward a womanist homiletic; Katie Cannon, Alice Walker and emancipatory proclamation.
Alice Walker (author); THE CUSHION IN THE ROAD; The New Press (Nonfiction: Essays) 26.95 ISBN: 9781595588722
THE CHICKEN CHRONICLES: A MEMOIR BY ALICE WALKER (Phoenix, pounds 7.99) THE Pulitzer Prize-winning author who brought us the acclaimed The Color Purple now presents an entirely different offering.
In this study, I wish to substantiate the thesis that in some of her poems, "Diary of an African Nun," and The Color Purple, Alice Walker presents more positive portraits of African cultures than most of her predecessors.
Alice Walker came from a sharecropper background, is blind in one eye, and grew up during the Civil Rights Movement: her biography and literary works are revealed in Gerri Bates' Alice Walker: A Critical Companion (0313320241 $39.95), a volume invaluable to understanding her early influences and creations.
Giving tribute to living women like Alice Walker, Nancy Wilson, Oprah herself, Nikki Giovanni, Toni Morrison, Aretha Franklin, and others, the qualities of bravery, magic, and sensuality are evoked.
Originally criticized for their departure from typical black writings, Hurston's works, varying from fiction, to folklore, to anthropology, were relinquished to the past in favour of more conventional male authors--until 1975, when Alice Walker wrote her historical essay, "In Search of Zora Neale Hurston," in Ms.