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adv.1.On my life; dearly.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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ALife is automated and has extensive data algorithms that give it the ability to run detailed data analytics of the customer, access medical databases of prospective customers, and issue the policy automatically.
Kaandorp conducted a sub-analysis of the ALIFE trial - a randomized, placebo-constrolled study that showed neither aspirin combined with nadroparin nor aspirin alone improved the live-birth rate among women with unexplained recurrent miscarriage; the study ran from 2004 to 2008 (N.
Lipson and Richter will present their work at the Conference on Artificial Life (Alife XII) in Odense, Denmark, in August.
He wouldn't he slinging only produce and soy milk for long, though: Roy soon met two ALIFE managers who asked the Filipino-French musician to become the street-wear line's spokesperson.
Alife Presents is slated to open a gallery and event space at 157 Rivington Street June 11.
They were tested defensively as Bristol regularly unleashed powerful runners Andrew Blowers and Alife To'oala, but when it came to creativity, the mid-table visitors finished a poor second.
Even if that could not be done and we relied only on visual evidence, I think the results would show that living alife with more than 15 minutes of vibration a day has no effect on the problem of obesity.
The book examines the history of this transformation through papers on string theory, chaos, complexity, self-organization, and fuzzy logic, along with immunology and Alife, "the point of culmination of the entire work," according to Wise (p.
In die gedig "Lifeboy", word die washandeling drievoudig uitgebeeld in die aanvangstrofes wat slegs in die noem van die liggaamsdeel wat gewas word, verskil: "Na die slaan van die ysters / splash die moldate / hille handes [wanges / manyandi's] / mot lifeboy vannie Corner Shop" en dan die meerduidige slot: "Djesis Hy's alife my boy, /and living in the Corner Shop".
This means that having read Karen Barad, Donna Haraway and Katherine Hayles respectively, you would be better able to appreciate what Kember attempts to do in advancing a "bioethics of posthumanism" in the context of artificial life or "alife," not to be confused with artificial intelligence that Kember maps out for us as Alife's post Cold War precedent.
Among these obscure boutiques are specialized vintage shops like David Owens Vintage Clothing and Frock, unique sneaker shops such as Alife Rivington Club and Nort 235 (Best of New York Winners, Best Sneakers 2003 and 2004), and art galleries like Melissa Bent and Mirabelle Marden's Rivington Arms.