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n. pl. ali'i
A member of the hereditary ruling class of traditional Hawaiian society.

[Hawaiian ali'i, from Proto-Polynesian *'ariki.]
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Asif Alii brings over 15 years of architectural experience to the Ware Malcomb team, which he joined in 2013 as a Senior Project Architect.
Some of them take a more epistemological approach by representing the categories of legal knowledge (van Kralingen 1993); some others represent just a fragment of the basic conceptual blocks of the law (Valente 2005); some others put an emphasis on building an actual ontological representation of the law distinguished from its epistemological component as LRI-Core (Breuker et alii 2004 , Hoekstra et alii 2007); and yet some others try to ground a core legal conceptualisation on a sound philosophical scheme, like in the case of CLO (Gangemi et alii 2006), an extension of the DOLCE foundational ontology (Masolo et alii 2004), which draws inspiration from cognitive science studies and from traditional philosophical categories, such as endurants and perdurants.
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The second takes the following form: 'alii discunt - pro pudor!
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Alongside the big-ticket privatisations has been a progressive improvement in the quality of the market and in regulation, says Andrew Alii, the chief executive of the African Finance Corporation, a Nigeria-based infrastructure investor.