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n. pl. ali'i
A member of the hereditary ruling class of traditional Hawaiian society.

[Hawaiian ali'i, from Proto-Polynesian *'ariki.]
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For aquatic excursions, it doesn't get any better than those offered by Alii Nui Snorkel Sail (
Nicknamed "The Flyin' Hawaiian," Victorino tweeted that he planned to spend the day in Maui on a snorkeling trip aboard the Alii Nui catamaran.
Through those services Young became the most influential Georgian in Hawaii, was eventually made a high chief (alii nui) and married into the Kamehameha family.
Kamehameha III determined Emma should be one of the 16 alii nui children to attend the Chiefs' Children's School, where she boarded between the ages of six and 13.
Both were courtiers to Kamehameha III and both converted to Christianity at the same time as most of the alii nui. Bernice was named after her aunt, Pauahi, mother of the same Ruth who would one day hanai her child to Bernice.
She acts as kuhina nui (regent) for her son who is alii nui (paramount chief).