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a.1.Like ale; as, an alish taste.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Some of the participants in Miss Tees Valley, above, with last year's winner Alish Shaw, also right
aHe used fake documents to register Mustafa Alish Hadzhi as Chief Mufti.
Should someone be inconvenienced by having to wait for something or someone, individuals may take a resigned attitude and make the Arabic statement "Ma' alish," which translates to "Never mind, it doesn't matter, or it's not that serious" (Nydell, 2006).
(Back row, from left): Kerry Murray, Jessica Glenn, Alish Rossi, Laura Griffiths, Caitlin Scullion, Melissa Jones; (front row):Katherine Hawley, Charlotte Dyall, Sally Warren, Amy Clayfield, Emily Badger-Knight, Stephanie Harrison.
In January 2006 the City Court issued official certificates of registration to rival Islamic parties in the dispute--to Nedim Gendzhev on January 25 and to Mustafa Alish Hadji on January 26.
"Comprehensive, readily accessible lifestyle improvement programs for people with diabetes are not always affordable or easy to find," notes Carolyn Alish, senior nutrition specialist at Ross.
Full-time mum Louise McKenna's two children, Alish, eight months and Andrew, three, were born out of marriage.
4x800 RELAY - 9:38.94, United Stars TC (Alish Jackson-Bowser, Tiffany Abney, Evelyn Dwyer, Alycia Williams), 1996.
A superb goal from Shauna McGirr inspired them along with some tremendous points from the talented Alish Gormley.
Those who passed the nomination papers' scrutiny for NA-114 included former federal minister Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, former MNA Mehboob Sultan and Alish Iftikhar Baloch.
The UNAMI delegation included Alish Walbole, Deputy UN Envoy for Political Affairs and Elections in Iraq, Ali Abbas, Political Adviser to UNAMI, UNAMI's Relations Officer in Sulaymaniyah, and Lina al-Kidwa, the Political Adviser to UNAMI in the Baghdad office./ End
In response to reftel, Post submits Chief Mufti Mustafa Alish Hadji, recognized spiritual leader of the Bulgarian Muslim community, as a credible voice for this exercise.