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A trademark for an over-the-counter preparation containing aspirin and citric acid.
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Noun1.Alka-Seltzer - a commercial antacid that contains aspirinAlka-seltzer - a commercial antacid that contains aspirin; tablets dissolve in water to give an effervescent solution
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
alkaliser, alkalizer, antacid, antiacid, gastric antacid - an agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity (especially in the stomach)
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Gather supplies: a glass or plastic clear bottle; vegetable oil; funnel for pouring; food coloring; Alka Seltzer tablets; a glow stick; glitter if you want
Strong sellers included Bayer's third-place Alka Seltzer Plus (up 14.
The Christmas Stress & Excess study by Alka Seltzer reveals the extent of just how much of a headache the season is for adults.
If your clog's not too severe, there is a trick - unclog it with alka seltzer.
Before the Chimes there are something-foreveryone guests like Emeli Sande, Professor Green, Paloma Faith, Petula Clark and Adam Ant - the only thing Jools doesn't supply is Alka Seltzer.
A typical Sunday night on "Luxembourg" during the mid-1950s would include Geraldo's Music Shop, the Ovaltineys' Concert Party, Take Your Pick with Michael Miles, the Alka Seltzer Show and of course the famous Top Twenty Show
Alka Seltzer in less time that you can say "vested in- terest" but, hey, that's life.
So reach for some aural Alka Seltzer the next time you hear Noddy holler: "It's Chreeeestmaas
The best selling product is Alka Seltzer (150 million tablets a year), followed by Tabcin, Cardio Aspirin, Aspirin and Cevalin.
So now you can leave your phone at home on New Year's Eve and all you have to worry about is whether you've stocked up on enough Alka Seltzer.
Later this month, ESPN will carry the first Alka Seltzer U.
Por otra parte, BBDO Mexico continua cosechando exitos, ya que es finalista en los Cresta International Advertising Awards con Sabritas y Alka Seltzer, la premiacion sera en octubre en la Costa Croata.